How is Web321 different from contract-based web designers?

A contract web designer isn’t a bad way to go to get a site built; unfortunately, the upfront cost of hiring a website designer is out of budget for many business owners. Even if they can afford it, managing and updating the website, once it’s built, can be a technically challenging and time-consuming task for a busy company owner to take on. Many will continue to rely on their designer to keep the software current and to add new content to the site.

Since web developers work on a per-project basis, they may not always have time to drop what they are doing and fix your problem – and you may not have the technical know-how or proper digital credentials to access and manage your website.  Under these conditions, it’s hard to keep a website up-to-date with product changes and software patches.

As a Web Design Subscription Plan, we offer a unique solution that combines the technical and customization benefits of hiring a web developer with the affordability of budget-conscious DIY pricing plans. We make custom-built, performance-optimized websites – and a full suite of services to care for them – accessible to more small businesses than ever before.