The Wav In Sylvan Lake

Music inspires and motivates us; it connects us as a community. The Wav in Sylvan is all about creating new, fun exciting experiences, transcending a place and time, reliving a moment that you felt passionate about, helping you feel connected and motivated through our community. The Wav in Sylvan is “By Sylvan Lakers, For Sylvan Lakers and About Sylvan Lakers”. Catch The Wav in Sylvan! Your soundtrack of Sylvan Lake.

The Town of Sylvan Lake is overflowing with energy, influence, strength and prosperity. It is our vision to ensure that “The Wav is Sylvan” be the impactful and effective tool Sylvan Lakers can use to build and grow their market. The WAV is an influencer, and they invited listeners to visit and potential build new business and residence in Sylvan Lake, initiating a new unique perspective of supporting the local community by advocating from within rather than outside.

Marketing Goals

The WAV wanted to reach listeners and share information about their DJs and their shows.

Business Goals

The goal: broadcast to a growing base of listeners both inside and outside of the Sylvan Lake area.

Technical Accomplishments

We built a responsive website that tied together the various elements of the website: personalities page, radio shows, schedules and website details.
The WAV website ties into a a stream radio service. We integrated the streaming service with the website.

Technologies Used

  • WordPress
  • Divi
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Gravity Forms
  • APIs