Using A Website to Manage Strata Records and Communication

Managing your strata records and communication well is essential, if you want to maintain your peace of mind. Even if you are a volunteer, who is a member of your strata council executive, other property owners in the strata expect you to operate in a professional manner and have information available at all times. When you can’t access files whenever you need them, or do not communicate effectively with all stakeholders, it can lead to an array of problems.

Records must be properly managed and distributed to every member of the strata and this can take time. In the past, records were kept in filing cabinets but now, there are digital methods which provide better storage and access to documents. Digitization allows you to access your records from anywhere, so that you can develop a customized report even when you are in another country.

Records and Communication

First Priority: Keep information Private

Strata have to keep their information private. even as different issues are discussed in the group. Everything that is said cannot be a matter of public record. However it should be readily accessed by those third parties that are qualified to do so. This ensures that everything that is discussed in meetings can be kept among those who are owners or otherwise have a right to know what is happening.

Section 36 of the Strata Property Act states that an owner, a tenant who is assigned the right to act as an owner to obtain records or inspect any document, or any other person who has been authorized in writing by an owner or tenant, should be able to inspect strata corporation records or obtain copies of them. The strata must always be in a position to provide that definition once such a request is received. This must be done within one week for bylaws and rules and within two weeks for all other requests. This means that the records must always be organized in such a way that the strata manager can quickly find what the tenant has requested. Condo boards, owners and managers can all use managed websites to help them to meet this demand for information in a timely manner.

Second Priority: Manage Demands On Your Time

Property management professionals have to oversee a lot of different strata corporations in diverse locations and all of these have different needs. Some may require a report once a week on different activities that take place within the strata. Others may have special projects which are ongoing and require formal feedback on a daily basis. All of this can create significant demands on your time.

As a professional manager, it’s important that you can focus your attention on tasks that actually require your direct input. There are not enough hours in the day to be spent on every single task and it’s helpful to make use of automation wherever possible to make your life easier. This can be delivered through a managed website. By using a managed website, you can increase transparency and accountability in your strata corporation.

Manage Requests for Information

Some strata corporations choose to hire a manager to take care of their property while others may have a volunteer. The manager often has a great deal of work to do as they manage the daily operations of the community and sometimes this can be overwhelming. In addition to that, they must carry out the policies that are set in place by the strata community and maintain open lines of communication between owners and other parties.

When a request for definition comes in, strata managers are not allowed to charge a fee to anyone who wants to inspect the records but they can charge for photocopies. Managers are faced with a quandary when they want to give access to the records but they cannot spare the labor to provide those documents. Managed websites solve that problem by giving all qualified stakeholders access to the records via the web.

Only strata council executives, prospective buyers and other qualified people who wish to examine records as a condition of sale will have access to the records by using a managed website. Managed websites help to alleviate some of the pressure on strata managers, allowing them to focus more on some of their other responsibilities. With a managed website, a manager can do her job effectively and help the strata to make progress in other ways, instead of just managing their day to day activities.

Increase Collaboration

Managed websites increase collaboration by providing access to the documents that all stakeholders need. If a property owner wants to examine a sensitive document, they can easily log in to do so. Real estate agents will not be bound by time and can immediately create listings for properties within the same time frame by using their mobile phone or any other device. In this way, a changed websites increase collaboration and allows a strata to solve issues more speedily.

Share Segmented Information Optionally with Managed Websites

When selected groups can access the same information from wherever they are, they can view the necessary files and discuss them when necessary. If renters want to review documents in order to develop solutions for problems related to the strata, they can receive access that is specific to them. They will be specifically authorized to do so. Only individuals who have a valid right to access that type of information can see it.

Features of Excellent Strata Websites

When a website is being designed for your strata, there are several features which should be included. These
make the site more useful to real estate agents, prospective buyers, the bard and owners. They include:

  1. Condo newsletters and other news
  2. Bylaws, minutes and policies
  3. Messages and contact details
  4. Task tracking
  5. Classifieds and forums
  6. Book amenities
  7. Reports

Condo Newsletters and Other News

  1. Keep members informed immediately when changes occur
  2. Inform residents of all the news related to events in one place
  3. Provide self serve access and reduce time spent on emails

Bylaws, Minutes and Policies

  1. Provide members with ready access to minutes
  2. Give board members access to bylaws
  3. Store important documents in one place
  4. Make it easy to find whatever you need at all times

Messages and Contact Details

  1. Easily contact any member of the board
  2. Easily contact the manager of the strata
  3. Respond to comments and messages left by strata members
  4. Never lose an important letter or message

Task Tracking

  1. Keep track of all issues that need to be dealt with
  2. Track all the work that has to be done
  3. Replace those sticky notes with digital records
  4. Keep all stakeholders informed of strata progress

Classifieds and forums

  1. Forums on your managed website make it easy for owners to get to know each other
  2. You can get feedback easily before meetings by using message boards
  3. Convenient classifieds can be used by all in your community

Book Amenities

  1. Bookings should be easily done via the website.
  2. Your managed website should help you to quickly confirm amenity bookings
  3. New tenants should quickly view the availably of the amenities that interest them.


The strata council and management should be able to use a managed website to generate minutes and issue a range of
reports as needed.

Let Us Develop Your Condominium’s Website

At Web321, we have extensive experience with building websites. We will take care of the following aspects for you:

  1. Web design: Ensuring that your site both looks good and works as it should
  2. Web programming: We add customization to your site, such a members-only area
  3. Web hosting: We select a server to run your site on that visitors can access it online
  4. Content updates: At Web321, we update new records such as meeting bylaws for you, to ensure that
    information is always current
  5. Technical updates: We ensure that bugs are fixed and new functions are added when necessary, so
    your site is always current
  6. Technical support: We provide assistance to users who need technical assistance and answers to their

How much will you pay for a strata management site?

Managed websites are used by strata managers to improve their efficiency and provide multiple levels of access. Best yet: they are really affordable. You will never need to worry about the cost of a managed website, since these are designed to be used in an affordable manner by both volunteers and professional strata managers. The websites built by Web321 are stable and proactively managed: never have to worry about being unable to access information when necessary, and your costs include the fees associated with building the website and maintaining it.

No matter how long your strata has been running, you can effortlessly transition from more traditional paper files to a managed site that offers you complete digitization whenever you need it, for as little as $3,998 +GST in the first year and $2,999 +GST in subsequent years. Informative websites built by Web321 ensure that every individual who lives in your strata or has invested in it stays well informed.

Let us show you how our online solutions can help to boost profits for your strata management company.