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Web321 always strives to improve our processes: do more, do it better and ideally, do it faster. In the last few months, we have seen an explosion in AI capability. This has inspired us to keep an eye out for new process improvements made possible through this powerful technology.

While we do have some tools and workflows in place to leverage AI, we’re always looking for more ways to improve the delivery of our products and services – both in quality and efficiency – through the force multiplier of artificial intelligence.

Current Tools and Strategies

Code Generation

We’re currently using Chat GPT to develop PHP, JavaScript, CSS and LD-JSON output, particularly for complex solutions. Chat GPT’s code is being checked after generation for its functionality and for how well the code satisfies our goals. We’ve also been using Chat GPT to generate custom Google Sheets functions to carry out complex tasks with spreadsheet data.

Co-Pilot is another tool that can help us generate PHP, JavaScript and CSS code. It saves time on creating repetitive code patterns and focuses on building exceptional software. GitHub Copilot suggests the code for us to implement quickly.

The CodeWP service also helps us speed up code generation. CodeWP is trained on WordPress and WooCommerce PHP examples, JS and jQuery. Soon, they will support popular plugins like Elementor, Learndash and The Events Calendar. CodeWP is constantly learning and giving us better output.

Content Creation

We’ve been using Chat GPT combined with Answer The Public to build creative prompts for blog posts, white papers, and brochure-style material. Our clients are the subject matter experts, but our AI-supported tools and techniques can help them understand what the public wants to know, and get their creative juices flowing.

Our experiments with Dall-E have had some promising text-to-image results. We have also created a small Dall-E-powered application to generate alternative images from a source image.

Midjourney has proven useful for generating high-quality images from text prompts. We’re also using Midjourney to create text descriptions of images we like, and then feed that information back into Midjourney to make new, similar, synthetic images. No longer will we solely rely on scouring stock libraries for near matches to our design intents: instead, we aim to hit the goal directly.

We are also experimenting with Abode’s Firefly to create images that exactly suit our client messaging. Adobe has additional functions coming soon that we’ll be integrating into future products. (Expect more 3D animations at price points that will surprise you.) By leveraging AI to create dynamic, eye-catching designs, our projects will be more engaging than ever for our clients’ audiences.

Too often, clients’ lack of high-resolution images can compromise or slow down their site design. Upscayl is an excellent tool for getting us over that hurdle, by enlarging small images to a usable size without loss of resolution.  Here’s an example of a site we did, provided with small images: OM Remedy.

Where We’re Going

Web321 is always on the hunt for solutions that allow us to script elaborate processes more quickly and easily. The closer we get to one-click, the better. We want to use AI to design speedy, bulletproof processes. We have been experimenting with AI for several years and until late 2022, AI has not been able to substitute a Web designer. It still cannot properly replace a Web designer, but what AI can do: it can make our processes work better. It can get over the hurdles faster. When we clear blockages faster, we can deliver projects better and faster.

We are currently exploring the capacity of Baby AGI and Auto GPT to prospect for business & marketing opportunities for our clients. Likewise, we’ll be using these tools to do competitive research to shape our client messaging to better connect with their intended audiences. Our goals are to make messages more resonant, clear and intriguing. Likewise, we will work to find a way to survey competition to give our clients a way to offer a unique selling proposition; price points that are irresistible; and processes that are both easy and profitable.

As our understanding of AI deepens, we want to teach our client base how to integrate it into their processes to make their businesses more prosperous and feature-rich. Where possible, we are going to share knowledge with the public, so that anyone willing to learn can benefit from the promise of artificial intelligence.

We’ll work on finding combined marketing opportunities for clients who share a region and work in adjacent fields, and use AI-powered data analysis to craft messaging that will attract new business to our clients.


We are building new Generative Pre-trained Transformers. With 25 years experience in Web design, and almost 40 years of computing, we have a lot of knowledge. We are turning to populating our own GPT iterations for use by the public.

WordPress Plugin Builder – Craft WordPress plugins, our GPT focuses on coding standards and functionality.

Digital Presence Architect – We have built our position through hard work and organic techniques. We’re dumping what we know into our GPT to help you build your search engine position online.

Stay tuned for more!

We can help with generating a solution related to the follow topics: PHP, SQL, WordPress, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Are you stuck? Do you need us to use AI to create an effective solution? Our solutions use AI, so the labour, delivery time and costs are diminished.

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Anar Rajabali
Anar Rajabali
September 20, 2022.
Erin and Shawn are a dream team when it comes to conceptualizing and designing websites. They are talented, creative, and knowledgeable in their field on all the multiple elements of building and optimizing a successful site. From the beginning, they spent time with me to understand what I do and how to best pull together my education site that had multiple components and content. They put me at ease with their care and willingness to go the extra mile. Their main focus was for me to be proud of the site and I am! My end result is beyond my expectations-polished, appealing, dynamic and user friendly- and I continue to work with them to monitor and maintain the site. They are kind and ethical and did much more work within my budget than I anticipated. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a competitive and creative site for their business or project.
Melanie Winnicki
Melanie Winnicki
February 1, 2022.
We are over-the-moon impressed with the services provided from Web321 for our winery. We have been happy clients since their beginning. They have excellent client care and very prompt service. They always take the time to explain things in easy to understand terms. Our website has never looked or performed better! Thank you for the fabulous work you do Shawn, Erin and Team!
David Floody
David Floody
January 31, 2022.
Talented website designer Erin Carson DeWolfe redesigned my existing "Implosion Press" website to make it more appealing, elegant, informative and easy to navigate for my Young Adult novel promotion and sales. Her rates were very reasonable, considering the resulting quality improvement. Erin increased security and removed excessive Spam. Erin added purchase links and Google Analytics for performance data. She maintains the site and reports monthly. Most highly recommend this service. David, Tofino BC
Vince Payette
Vince Payette
January 30, 2022.
The most professional group of had the pleasure of their services in building and maintaining my web site. Management was super easy to work with and I was delighted with the end product. Very impressive performance. Thanks