Web321: We Build WordPress Plugins

WordPress powers half of the Internet. if you are lucky enough to have a WordPress, you have access to thousands of plugins.

Web321 is releasing plugins to extend the functionality of WordPress. We’ve been building websites for over 25 years. We know what customers need. We build those features into our range of plugins.

That’s what we do.


We build feature rich plugins to extend what your WordPress site can do for you.


Our plugins connect your site with your audience. They make your work easier. They make WordPress even more valuable.


All of our plugins are available free to Web321 clients. We also distribute our free plugins to all WordPress site owners. We have a growing list of premium WordPress plugins.

Save SQL Queries

Store SQL queries to debug issues with a WordPress installation. For use in development, not production. When activated, it will intercept and write all SQL statements into a sql_log.txt file in the root of the site installation. It will create a large performance...

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Improved Video Display

The Improved Video Display holds back iframe embeds until the user wants to see them. It helps massively with page loading times and performance numbers. To use it, it works like this: [sdch_video...

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Gravity Formulas

Gravity Forms is a form building tool from Rocket Genius. It's a fantastic and powerful tool. We've used Gravity Forms on client sites for years. Gravity Formulas is a marketplace of premade forms to save site owners the time it takes to put one of these forms into...

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Gravity Forms WordPoints Connector

Gravity Forms is a versatile form builder. The WordPoints plugin allows site users to build up in-site point balances. These can be used for site rewards, leaderboard positions, or in-game currency. The connector adds rules to Gravity Forms to adjust user WordPoint...

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Gravity Forms Shortcode Builder

Gravity Forms is a fantastic and powerful tool from the plugin maker, Rocket Genius. The Gravity Forms shortcode system is really great. Our plugin gives you all of the available options to make it easy to build your gravity forms shortcodes.

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BC Ferries Shortcode Display For WordPress

This plugin displays coming sailings for the BC Ferries Fleet. It draws upon the API from the BC Ferries API: the only public API for retrieving current data on BC Ferries sailings. Used in Pratt's app, BC Ferry Times, an iOS app to get the latest ferry schedule...

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