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We have some tools available to make life online a little bit easier:

AI Business Name Generator

Designed to help you discover impactful business or product names for your business, with more than 500 suggestions per request, it’s one of the most robust AI business name generators.

Chat GPT Prompt Assistant

Build ChatGPT prompts better. Use our simple questionnaire to form up more productive questions to the OpenAI flagship product.

Calculate PLA Printer Filament Use From Volume

Do you want to figure out the volume of a PLA print job. This calculator helps out.

Unserialize PHP Online

Unserialize PHP objects online

Check Your Screen Size

Get the width, height and color depth of your screen.

WordPress Theme Detector

Find out what WordPress theme a website is using.

Get A Website’s PHP Version

With PHP being so critical to WordPress, it’s important to stay updated to the latest PHP releases for security and performance. Check what version your website is running.

What’s My IP Address?

If you need to figure out the website of your workstation, use this simple tool.

What Is Wrong With My Website

Find out quickly what’s wrong with a website. Is it up or down? Is the domain even registered? Find out what is wrong with my website.


We have some resources available to make things easier. We are a Divi shop in love with Gravity Forms. We do lots of research. We want to share what we have to offer!:

HTTP Server Response Codes

HTTP, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol, serves as the backbone for data communication across the World Wide Web. It functions as an application-layer protocol designed to transmit hypermedia documents, such as HTML. While its primary role is enabling communication between web browsers and servers, it has versatile applications. HTTP adheres to a classical client-server model, wherein a client initiates a connection to make a request and awaits a response. One key characteristic of HTTP is its stateless nature, where the server retains no data (state) between consecutive requests.

What Is A Link Relationship (XFN) In WordPress?

When the website creator includes XFN information, it enables both people and search engines to interpret and establish more meaningful connections between websites and individuals. Incorporating XFN links on your website can potentially enhance its search engine optimization (SEO).

Events that addEventListener Can Listen For

`addEventListener` in JavaScript allows you to listen for a wide range of events. Here’s a list of some common events that you can attach listeners to: Mouse Events: 1. `click` – Mouse click. 2. `dblclick` – Double click. 3. `mousedown` – Mouse button is pressed. 4. `mouseup` – Mouse button is released. 5. `mousemove` – […]

Is Your Site Accessible?

Simple question: is your site accessible for people with visual, motor and hearing issues? Simple question: is your site accessible for people with visual, motor and hearing issues?

Places To Find Money

A link of foundations, charities, organizations and government branches that may have funding available for your needs (charity, special event, venture, etc.). We have not applied to these foundations and offices for the most part, but they may have something for you and your needs.

Date Formats For PHP

The following characters are recognized in the format parameter string for date strings in PHP.

What Should You Consider Before A Website Re-Design

Let’s dive into the essential considerations for undertaking a website redesign. There are both minor and major technical issues, ensuring mobile readiness, optimizing for search engines, and possibly migrating to a more reliable platform, such as WordPress. Understanding these key aspects is vital for a successful redesign and enhanced user experience. A client need to […]

ETModules Icon Cheatsheet

Here’s a short cheatsheet of Elegant Theme’s Divi icons.