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We build beautiful, responsive and highly converting custom websites, perfectly tailored to your needs.

Web321 builds high-performance websites for Victoria, B.C. businesses. Our web designers build websites that attract and convert new customers–  designs that inform current customers, putting your information at their fingertips.  We build solutions that stump over web developers: user management, course registrations, event registrations, and, of course, content management using our platform of choice, WordPress.

Your website is a 24×7 tool to share information about what your business does for Victorians. A great looking website builds trust. Surveys say that 94% of people online will never trust a website that looks bad or is hard to use. You can rely on Web321 to deliver excellent Web Design Services. We’re based in Central Saanich, but we serve clients all around Greater Victoria. We help our clients connect with locals and visitors to Vancouver Island alike. While Web321 was founded in 2020, one of our founders, Shawn DeWolfe, started in Web Design in 1996. We build user friendly, high-converting websites.

We create and promote for locally owned businesses.

We are veterans in Web Design. We know the nuances of what works, what’s easy to manager and what brings success online. Seriously: you don’t have the time to pick up web design. You don’t have time to keep a website it top condition. Let one of our dedicated team members take care of website design, social media updates, marketplace items, postings, and more to give you a fresh, consistent online presence.

Key factors to making a successful website:

  • Great look.
  • Well planned out content organization and layout.
  • Snappy to load.
  • A website that looks great on mobile.
  • Built well for search engines.

If you own a small business and want to boost your online revenue, let us help get your website into good shape. We make effective and attractive websites that perform well and convert interest into business.  Rely on us: our business is helping small businesses reap the rewards of a strong, well maintained online presence.

Second Opinion: Other Agencies Doing Web Design in Victoria BC

We are confident we can deliver excellent results, but we’re not the only game in town. Here are some other web designers in Victoria BC.

  • Geeks on the Beach – Geeks on the Beach offers Website Design services to clients all over Vancouver Island. Web Design, Online Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.
  • Radar Hill – A website design and online marketing agency specializing in custom websites for small businesses, including e-commerce.
  • FullCircle Web – Full Circle is a fresh entrant in the web design arena, founded by Danielle Hobbs. Danielle Hobbs is an experienced web designer with over 15 years of experience in the industry.
  • Folks Digital – Folks understands the sentiments of a brand & offers affordable, SEO optimized Website Design.
  • AdOrganic – Looking for Web Design services in Victoria? … Victoria BC Website Design Services … AdOrganic use WordPress CMS, Shopify and Webflow to design websites.

Let’s Go For Coffee (or Tea, or … Water)

Do you want to sit down with a real person and talk about how we can help? Let’s find a time to sit down and talk about what you need for your website and your digital marketing presence. When you Google for “web design Victoria” you get a long list and not many of them are local. If you want someone local to take care of your WordPress website, go with Web321.

What's special about a Web321 website?

We build lean, effective designs that highlight your brand and impress your visitors. Responsive sites, built to look stunning on any device. Mobile-friendly web designs driven by user behaviour, anchored with strong calls to action that convert leads into clients. We know what works and what doesn’t. The majority of your web traffic is coming from cellphones and tablets. We pride ourselves on our mobile-friendly design.

Check out some examples of our Web design work.

Some graphic designers have a hard time grasping how the Web differs from print media. We build our designs to work for the end user and deliver the same design impact by making a design that adapts to the user instead of building the design to only look good in the mock-up phase. Our web designs are smart and pretty.

We can add some predictability and peace of mind. By using our WordPress support system, we take the stress of website management off of your hands throughout the lifespan of your website. We stay with your website, keeping it up to date and well cared for.

Our sites inform your customers, keep your visitors in touch, and drive home your key messages. In short – we build websites that work, and that make you look great.

With almost 30 years experience in web design and development, our team has the skills and expertise to take your web presence to the next level.

Learn more about our WordPress web design services:

Learn more about our WordPress Support services:

How The Magic Happens

While Web321 opened for business in 2020, we've been working in Web Design since 1996. We know what works.

These are some features that come standard with every WordPress site we deliver:

Elevate your business with our cutting-edge websites. Seamlessly integrate dynamic pages and news, schedule content, and clear navigation. Benefit from continuous innovation through open-source development, bringing you the latest features to scale with your enterprise through the power of WordPress.
Realize your business potential. Our plans includes many premium plugins and the capacity to add thousands of free plugins, catering to everything from image galleries and content management to industry-specific solutions. Enhance your site with premium content like videos, presentations, and Google Maps, all easily embedded for a richer user experience.
Full website control with our advanced editor, designed to supercharge WordPress functionality, adding extensive capabilities for editing text, images, and media, including the creation of engaging galleries.
Our comprehensive package includes top-tier social media tools to maximize your search engine visibility. WordPress, renowned for its SEO prowess, is augmented with specialized plugins and training provided by us to boost your online presence further.

Our Toolkit

We have a list of plugins, tools and technologies that help us build a successful web design for you.

We Care About The Lifespan Of Your Website

We deliver website solutions for any organization. We work non-profits, government, B2B, B2C. We know what works for our clients and their audience. A website is the foundation of digital success. We build websites to deliver your message. After we launch your website, we have a solid plan for how to manage, it nurture it and make it work best for your audience. Our web designs, when backed up with ongoing WordPress support is your path to success. We take care of everything throughout the entire process of presenting and drawing traffic to your brand online, including website design and maintenance, search engine optimization, social media, online advertising and more. Whatever your needs, Web321 delivers.

Professional Web Design Starts With a Plan

Web designs begin by getting an understanding of your current situation– new business, established businesses, a business adapting to online, or even a new client bringing over their website. We look at your competitors in the field (similar field, neighbouring area). Our findings are compiled in a business review to expose your position in your marketplace. In addition, the review gives a view into weak spots that a competitor may have missed (which we can help with, by capitalizing on those opportunities).

Do you have a WordPress website, but only need WordPress Support? We can help!

Some of Our Recent Projects

Our web design agency team has decades of experience. Here are some of our projects work completed for Victoria BC clients and clients in other communities.

Stonehouse Pub

We converted the Stonehouse Pub website from HTML to WordPress and gave it a makeover.

Resilient Health Care

At some point in life, the majority of people will experience a mental health crisis. Most people will experience significant life stressors including things like job loss, relationship difficulties, divorce, and grief and loss. Everyone needs help sometimes, and we are here to help. We undertook this web design for our Victoria BC client. Our […]

Polara Accessible Signal Products

We built for Texas-based Polara Enterprises. Polara is the leading supplier of Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) and ADA-compliant push buttons in North America.

See more of what we’ve done for Victoria Web Design clients


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