Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to track and measure your website traffic. Google analytics can help you gain in depth knowledge about your website visitors as well as their activity across your webpages.

Activating Google Analytics on your website is done through including a line of Javascript code on all website pages.

Google Analytics reports can illustrate:

  • The source of web traffic – are they coming from an organic Google search? A promotional social media post?
  • The duration of a session – how long are visitors staying on your website? How many pages are they viewing per session?
  • When they leave – are potential customers dropping off at the checkout stage? At what point do they leave the website?

Google Analytics reports highlight this key information, helping you determine if the campaigns you are running are successful.

Web321 makes this part easier for you! Our Web Design Subscription Plan includes Google Analytics setup on your site, as well as a weekly report with your analytics results.