Prop DB

Introducing: Prop DB – The Premier WordPress Plugin for Theatre Companies!

Streamlined Inventory Management: From the classic 1920s flapper dress to the majestic stage chandelier, effortlessly catalog every costume, prop, and set piece in your theatre’s repertoire.

Location Tracking at Its Best: Say goodbye to the frantic searches and misplaced items. With Prop DB’s advanced location tracking, you’ll always pinpoint where each item resides, be it on stage, in the backroom, or under repair.

Rich Item Profiles: Build detailed profiles for each theatre asset, complete with photos, descriptions, maintenance logs, and more. Preserve the legacy and story behind every piece.

Simplified Check-In & Check-Out: Borrowing props or costumes? Smoothly manage the process with our check-in and check-out system, ensuring clarity on who holds what and when it’s expected back.

Cloud-Connected & Ultra-Secure: Dive into your inventory from any corner of the world. With state-of-the-art security protocols, your data remains protected and confidential.

Intuitive User Experience: Crafted with theatre aficionados in mind, Prop DB is straightforward to navigate, even for those less tech-inclined. And with our dedicated support, assistance is always within reach.

Adaptable & Expandable: Catering to both intimate community theatres and grand professional stages, Prop DB is designed to scale with your needs. Personalize categories, add infinite items, and tailor it to your theatre’s unique demands.

Elevate Your Theatre Production with Unmatched Organization!

In the world of theatre, every minute detail contributes to the grand spectacle. With Prop DB, ensure that every element is meticulously organized, catalogued, and ready for its moment in the limelight.

Don’t let disarray overshadow the drama. Equip your theatre with Prop DB today!

What Can PropDB Be Used For

  • Costume Collection​
  • Ballet / Dance Costume Collection​
  • Wigs Collection​
  • Patterns Collection​
  • Props / Sets Collection​
  • Equipment (Lighting, Sound, Tools, etc.) Collection​
  • Music Dept – Uniforms, Instruments, Sheet Music & Equipment

Is there a web version of the database?

​This is web based. Access from anywhere. Have multiple people edit it at the same time! If you’re running WordPress, you can run PropDB. It works well with data and photos. Visitors to the site can see your inventory, then checkout items from the inventory.

When can I buy this add-on?

Soon. We’re finishing testing and then we’re going to release this plugin for WordPress websites.

Wait! We don’t have a WordPress Website!

Don’t worry: Web321 can help you trade-up to WordPress.