Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields

The Advanced Custom Fields plugin is the perfect solution for WordPress users who are looking for an easier way to use custom fields. WordPress does come with a custom field builder, but the default interface isn’t user friendly. ACF uses these built-in custom fields features, but makes them easier to use with its intuitive interface.

By default, WordPress allows you to add certain types of “metadata” to your posts and pages, such as author, title, date published, etc. Custom fields allow WordPress users to add additional, custom metadata to their posts and pages. You can use them to input and store any kind of data you want to display on your website, such as product reviews, author bios, affiliate disclaimers, a “now listening to” field to capture the song you were grooving on as you wrote each post… The sky’s the limit.

Web321 includes Advanced Custom Fields Pro in all our website builds, for free. It helps us easily customize the information you want to display on your site, where you want to display it, and it makes it easy to tie in the look with your overall website theme.

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