Redirection is a WordPress plugin developed by John Godley that allows you to manage and track redirects on your WordPress site. It’s a useful tool for anyone who needs to redirect traffic from one URL to another, whether it’s to fix broken links, change the structure of your website, or simply redirect visitors to a different page. In our work doing WordPress customer support, we often inherit an existing website. Using the Redirection plugin is key to maintaining linkage from the legacy version of the website and the new incarnation.

The Redirection plugin includes a range of features that make it easy to manage redirects on your WordPress site. For example, you can use the plugin to create manual redirects, import and export redirects in bulk, and automatically create redirects when you change the permalink of a post or page. The plugin also includes a logging feature that allows you to track the number of hits on each redirect, as well as a 404 error monitor that can automatically create redirects for any pages that return a 404 error.

Overall, the Redirection plugin is a useful tool for anyone who needs to manage redirects on their WordPress site, and it’s especially useful for website owners who are migrating their site to a new domain or changing the structure of their site.

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