What is your design process?

How do you incorporate feedback? How many rounds of revisions do I get before launch?

Our design and content-generation process is iterative, so we’ll be seeking and incorporating your feedback at every step along the way. In keeping with that, we offer a generous number of revisions and opportunities for course correction. Our process looks like this:

  1. We consult with you to get the basic information we need to get started. During this consultation, we will gather the credentials and other technical information we need to get started on your build. We’ll also ask you some questions to understand your business better: what your business does, your goals for the site, your required functionality, your brand “personality”, etc. We’ll also ask you for some examples of sites you like to get a practical understanding of your desired site structure & esthetic in action.
  2. We will return to you with a quote outlining the scope and cost of your build (everything that will be included, and the estimated launch date) for you to read.
  3. Once you have accepted our quote, we write up a contract with all the details for you to review and sign.
  4. We take your initial information and use it to build a working prototype which shows off the design of your landing page and the menu structure of your site. If you haven’t sent us any content yet, we can populate this prototype with dummy content and you’ll still get an idea of how the design and structure of your site will look and work. You ask for any changes you want (colours, fonts, graphics, arrangement of page elements, etc.) and we come back with another draft for you to assess. We can do up to three rounds of design revisions on this step.
  5. Once you’re happy with the design of the landing page, we get to work on your remaining pages. We’ll send you links to check those as we build them, and you can send us feedback on any changes you need to the page design. We can do up to three rounds of design revisions per page on this step.

    While we are working on the pages, we will advise you what content we need to fill out the text and image areas:
    1. You can write the copy yourself and send it to us, and we will populate the pages with your content. You can also send your own images. If you are supplying content yourself, we will replace each block of content with your new content until you are satisfied.
    2. If you want our help writing copy, send us your notes and our writers will generate professionally-written copy for you, up to 1500 words per page. We can also source stock images for you if desired (up to 50). If we are supplying content for you, we can do up to three rounds of revisions/replacements per block of copy or per image.

      Please note: while we are good at what we do, we are not magicians (unfortunately)! If you don’t provide us with a clear description of the content you need, as well as all critical points of information that must be covered, we won’t be able to create or source content for you.
  6. In this step, we install and test all the functionality of your site, and once we are satisfied, we encourage you to test it as well. If something is not working to the agreed specs of our contract, we will fix it until it does.
  7. At this point, the site is nearly ready to launch. We will send the site to you for final sign-off. Before launch, we can do three final revisions of the site from our end. If you are supplying your own content, you can request content updates until you are satisfied.

BUT: if you are providing your own content, we advise not to make perfection the enemy of completion! Sometimes it’s best just to launch with a “good enough” site, and then perfect your content later when you have time. Don’t forget, Web321’s Website Maintenance Plan includes unlimited content update requests, so you can do this at any time for no extra charge.

What if I’m still not happy with my website?

We value your feedback immensely and we want you to be over-the-moon happy with your website, so we give you lots of opportunities to let us know if we’re going off course. We rely on you, our client, to let us know if you’re unhappy with anything so that we can make it right for you.

Please read through the section above to get a full understanding of our process and your chances to provide feedback, request revisions and ask for course corrections during the build.

If you decide during the build that you need more functionality than had been agreed in the scope document, or you need more revisions than provided for above, that’s ok! We are happy to give you a competitive quote for the work.

That said, we know that sometimes things just don’t work out. If you decide that Web321 will not be able to build the site of your dreams, you can leave by paying out the balance of the work we’ve done for you so far (we’ll provide an itemized invoice.) Once paid, we will terminate the contract and provide you with all your credentials, web code, content and other assets we have generated for you until that point.​