How is Web321 different from other web designers?

Our Website Maintenance Plan is bundled in to every site we built – and that’s what sets us apart. Since most web developers generate much of their income on a per-project basis, they may not always have time to drop what they are doing and help you with your problem in a timely fashion. And you may not have the technical know-how or proper digital credentials to access and manage your website.  Under these conditions, it can be tough to keep a website up-to-date with current content, product changes and software patches.

With our Website Maintenance Plan included in every build, we generate recurring revenue that allows us to rely less on big contracts and focus more on the day-to-day maintenance needs of our clients. It also allows us to keep our design prices reasonable.

With Web321’s bundled suite of design and maintenance services, we make custom-built, performance-optimized websites – and the ongoing services needed to care for them – accessible to more small businesses than ever before.