Technical SEO

Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about getting the technical parts of SEO right. Technical SEO is often called, “On page SEO” — it amounts to everything that a website owner can directly affect or control by altering the HTML, altering the content and/or altering the server performance.

  • Website Code Architecture – is it too bloated for the job it’s doing?
  • Website Navigation Structure – does it link to what people want to find?
  • Duplicate Content – Don’t repeat yourself. Seriously, don’t repeat yourself.
  • Load Speeds – A big delay will cost you visitors and business.
  • Pagination – If a page is too large, consider pagination to break it up.
  • Canonicalization – Content Management Systems sometime provide many routes to one page– canonicalization cleans that up.
  • Internal Link Structure – make sure the linking makes sense in terms of names and organization.
  • Calls to Action – A CTA will drive customers to commit an action that may lead to business. You need that to deliver something of value to your audience.
  • Images & Optimization – Use optimization steps to make the website as speedy as possible.
  • Web Analytics & Webmaster Tools – Use reporting tools to know how the site is doing and what’s getting attention.
  • Schema – Make content machine readable for the sake of search engines.
  • Sitemap(s) – An XML Sitemap can deliver the site links to search engines.
  • Robots.txt file – The robots.txt file sets the rules that search engines should follow.
  • Use of Flash – Flash left the party years ago. If you have it, get it removed or replaced.

On-page SEO contrasts with “off-page SEO” which are all the things that happen out there on the Internet to affect search engine position. For example, no matter how well formatted a web page may be, there’s no way to make Google index the page or highlight it favourably.

Making search engines love your content is easier said than done. It takes quite a bit of behind-the-scenes tweaking and testing, regardless of whether you’re a novice or a seasoned SEO writer. If you’re baffled about how to approach crafting quality content for search engines, don’t despair! We pride ourselves on having a good technical SEO game. We can get your house in order.