Communication Initiative

In 2006, the Communication Initiative brought me onboard to update their website. Their site,  launched 10 years prior, was driven by batch job page building and CGI. In that time, it had amassed over 30,000 pages of content, all of which needed to be migrated over to the new site. We undertook the work of building a new flexible platform using Drupal 5, segmenting the site into theme-able regions to align with special interests and highlights. The new look was dynamic and more user-friendly. I worked on the architecture, the migration and the documentation. Since Shawn’s departure in 2010, the CI has continued to build their web presence to stay current in both their role in their professional community and staying with the web standards.

What makes it special

  • Legacy-to-Drupal conversion
  • Multi-lingual
  • Remote teams
  • E-Commerce
  • Responsive design

Technical Accomplishments

Migrating the site from a legacy site to Drupal.
Make the site multi-lingual for audiences in Central and South America.

Technologies Used

  • JavaScript
  • Multi-lingual