SEO For Victoria? It’s Really About User Connections

Are you a Victoria based company?
Using SEO to rank on page in Google?

I have news: SEO is dead. (read why)

For the longest time, we have used White Hat SEO methods for our clients and ourselves: site optimization, content tweaking, backlinks, authority marketing, etc.. We used SEO for Victoria clients. We made gains through just hard work: connecting with audiences, putting links in front of the viewers, and positioning our clients as experts in their field. Those strategies serve Google’s algorithms. When they change, SEO experts are left scrambling to re-validate your search engine position. Google has been losing market relevance. In a desperate move, they are front loading AI suggestions before the links. The results are laughable and they’re off-putting. People won’t scroll down the page to find your links.

Do you want to get Google to buy your stuff, or do you want customers? Spoiler: customers pay you more than Google ever might.

We have a strategy that will make your online presence succeed. Our strategy is about the Internet of 2024 and beyond.  We work to connect our clients with their ideal audience. We’re not trying to build the next Facebook. We work to make your online presence the go-to destination for your niche. We want to attract people who are interested in what you deliver. That’s the key to our secret sauce: all sites are niche sites and all sites cater to a niche audience. We practice “User Connection” (UC). We find ways to appeal to your audience: the find them, connect with them and bring them to your online presence.

Interested? Contact Us! We can work together and develop a specific plan of action.