Top 7 Signs A Website Is Abandoned

Top 7 Signs A Website Is Abandoned

Websites need TLC. A garden and a website have a lot in common: They start in the dirt: for gardens, it’s literal soil; for websites, it’s dirt poor rankings and lack of discoverability.  The conditions need to be favourable to growth. Plant the seeds and give them...

ETModules Icon Cheatsheet

Here’s a short cheatsheet of Elegant Theme’s Divi icons: /************************************ MENU ICONS **********************************/ /*** QUOTE MARKS ***/ .et-icon-1 a:before { content: “\7c”; } /*** CLOCK FACE ***/ .et-icon-2 a:before...

Play Twenty Questions With Your Website Decisions

What is it that sets one site from another? In short, brand optimization: knowing what you want to present to your potential client and how you’re going to present it. To get there, and create the online performance your brand deserves, you need to consider some important questions.