Investing In Web321

What are we doing?
Where are going?
How can you be a part of the future?

Short answer: we want to trade a stay at your destination for an overhaul of your web presence.

Web321 builds websites for small to medium local businesses.

Web321 builds web WordPress websites. For the last two years, we have been servicing a growing number of websites through our WordPress Support and Maintenance plans.

We are preparing new products for launch. These will leverage our understanding of web design, WordPress maintenance and what businesses need.

  • Site management WordPress plugins.
  • Add-ons for popular form builders: Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Formidable Forms & WP Forms.
  • A low cost website delivery system.
We need to grow!

What’s Stopping Us?


We are a bootstrapped start up. While small, we’re in the black. We will continue to grow and improve. As things are, our growth will be glacial. We need to accelerate the timeline.


We have good people, but we need more people.

  • We need more developers.
  • We need dedicated marketers to put out our message.
  • We need a dedicated sales team to find and close more sales for our products.


It’s still early days for our start-up. We’re looking to expand and to do that we need investment to fund the acceleration of our plans through the completion of our products, outreach via marketing and sales channels to generate revenue.

Our Web Design Work

Examples of our work

Here are some examples of our recent work. We build stunning websites and websites can take businesses to the next level.

Pacific RV Ventures
Rental and Bookings, RV Website
Vacationers use RV Rentals to tour the land and take their accommodations with them. Pacific RV Ventures rents RVs for tourists and travelers who want to see Vancouver Island and all that it offers.
Tofino Sea Kayaking
Accommodations, Rental and Bookings
Tofino Sea Kayaking offers travelers a chance to get into the waters near Tofino BC. We took on the project to deliver a fast to load, easy to use website.
Stonehouse Pub
The Stonehouse Pub is a pub and restaurant in Sidney BC, nestled near the Swartz Bay ferry terminal.
Their last design was a static website built in 2016. We replaced the look and feel with a new design built with Divi in WordPress. We overhauled their site a modern look. We gave them a new site with an easy to manage food menu system. It highlights the great food and craft beer that this local pub has to offer
Get Involved

How You Can Get Involved!

Support for Web321 can take several forms:

What Support Looks Like


Share The Word

Share the word of what we’re doing. Drop a link to our website. If you hear of someone needing web help, tell them about Web321. Growth through us doing more of what we’re doing is ideal. We just need to get out there and we need your help.

Sign Up!

Maybe your website needs the level of TLC we deliver. We do web design, WordPress support and Webmaster help. Don’t be shy: contact us!

Crowdfunding Support

We have a crowdfunding campaign going on right now. The money will build bandwidth, breathing room and what’s otherwise termed as “runway.” We need labour and time to finish work on our initiatives and that comes at the expense of new project work. Will you help us take our business to the next level?

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We are looking to take on investors. Are you interested in talking with us about being a part of what we’re doing? This is early stage investing. We’re looking for angels and other early money. Connect with us.

Who Are We?

Erin and Shawn DeWolfe are a married couple committed to making Web321 succeed.

Our Collective Stats

  • Erin has worked in Web Design since 2012.
  • Shawn has worked in Web Design and Web Development since the end 1996.
  • Erin has a career history of office management and a stint in a large investment firm.
  • Shawn was been programming for about 40 years now.
  • We bring in other disciplines: writing, marketing, business management, videography, and music production
Erin & Shawn DeWolfe : Partners in Web321 and Partners in Life