Web Presence Grant from the NASE Growth Grant in 2020

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Web Presence Assistance provides a non-repayable contribution to Prince Edward Island businesses to assist them in establishing a presence on the Internet. The purpose of this assistance is to help Island companies increase business by creating a website to establish online visibility and reach. Consumers today use Internet search engines to locate companies the way previous consumer groups used the Yellow Pages. If a company isn’t visible on the Web, it’s losing an opportunity to connect with potential customers.

A website allows customers to easily find information they want – when they want it – and allows a company to expand its potential customer base beyond those in its immediate geographic area to a global customer base. Web321’s team can do a lot to make the most of your web presence.

NASE Members can apply for small business grants worth up to $4,000 each. Small business grants are useful for financing a particular small business need. Past recipients used their growth grants for website creation and more. Here’s some fun math: Web321’s websites are $2999/yr. – in Canadian Funds. Your $4,000 grant is worth over $5000 CDN. If successful, you could use NASE grant to pay for almost two years of web design, hosting, domain registration, support and updates. Our affordable web design fees have gotten even lower!

Grants will be funded within 30 days after all signed usage and required regulatory documents are received by the NASE.

What are the application deadlines?

Grant applications are reviewed quarterly, based on the following schedule:

  • Completed applications received in January, February and March will be reviewed in April.
  • Completed applications received in April, May and June will be reviewed in July.
  • Completed applications received in July, August and September will be reviewed in October.
  • Completed applications received in October, November and December will be reviewed in January of the following year.


Growth Grant applicants must be a member in good standing for 3-months prior to submitting an application. Annual members may apply immediately. Monthly members may apply ninety days after joining the NASE. If you are a NASE member, apply now for October funding window. If you are not a NASE member, join them now to be eligible for next year.

What are the selection criteria?
Criteria used in evaluating applications and awarding grants include:

  • Review of identifiable business need
  • Detailed use of the proceeds of the grant
  • The potential of the grant to satisfy the identified business need
  • The potential impact of the grant on overall business growth and success

Growth Grants are awarded at the sole discretion of the NASE. The NASE has the sole discretion to make no grant or present a higher or lower amount than requested. The NASE in its sole discretion may award less than the totals indicated to be potentially available. The NASE will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, age or disability. Decisions of the selection committee are final and are not subject to appeal. Application feedback is not required by the NASE.


The types of services that may qualify include the registration of a domain name and the design, development, hosting, and search engine and mobile optimization of a website. Once approved, the grant money can be applied to a Web Design Subscription through Web321.


The following conditions apply:

  • The use of funds must be consistent with written statement of grant use.
  • Recipients must maintain records showing use of the money.
  • The funds may not be used to pay debt or rent/mortgage payments.
  • Recipients agree that NASE has the right to publicize names, business name, amount awarded and photographs of the recipients. 
  • The NASE requests that the recipient place the NASE Member Badge on the recipient’s website for one year after the growth grant check is received.  NASE Member Badges can be found by visiting http://www.nase.org/become-a-member/member-benefits/MemberBadges.aspx.

Need Help?

We can help with the grant application process. Contact us

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