How Would We Tackle a Pilates Website Rebuild

by | Apr 21, 2023 | Business

We’re been asked several times about how we would re-design a pilates or fitness website. Here’s a quick rundown of what we recommend. We propose the following features & functions:

  • Move site hosting to (managed, optimized WordPress hosting).
  • Update the theme to Divi and use it to create a more engaging design. The current site has small images and minimal branding (ie. a small logo). We will add a lot more visual impact to the design.
  • Re-add the existing content to work with the new theme.
  • Re-organize the content and redirect traffic so that old links will take visitors to the new content. Introduce taxonomy to connect and relate blog posts to each other.
  • Re-phrase some elements to work better for SEO and audience engagement.
  • Implement a solution to let people either book online or see your schedule.
  • Highlight a “Get Started” path for users who are convinced and just want to book a session.
  • Add in contact forms that send inquiries to you.
  • Teacher training section: use the publications as part of the narrative of your expertise and finish the page with a lead capture form for people who want to get in touch.
  • Add Yoast SEO. Fill out meta titles, meta descriptions and social share images.
  • Use better images and video: new photos from PSP; and selective stock images and videos.
  • Add a “Success Stories” page that works like “Testimonials” as told from the PSP perspective.
  • Use Success Stories and Testimonials elements throughout the site to give people more conviction and trust in your expertise.
  • Add a knowledge base of pilates terms and concepts using the WPKnowledgeBase plugin.
  • Do some reputation repair; ie. update third-party references to point to your new address.

Proposed Solution

The site will be themed using the Divi theme system (the most widely-used premium WordPress theme and website building framework). Divi is a user-friendly, endlessly flexible website scaffolding & design system that allows Web321 to build sites faster and with built-in responsiveness for all screen sizes.

As with all our builds, Web321 will ensure that the site is highly secure, easy to update, and high-performance. To create the desired functionality, Web321 will deploy the following integrations and premium plugins on the website:

  • Gravity Forms & Advanced Custom Fields – allows a more dynamic collection and display of information on the site, and enables the building of the custom dashboard for staff
  • Knowledge Base – store concepts and references that others will find useful.
  • Google Analytics – allows tracking and analysis of staff usage of the site

For the optional social media integration features, we can deploy Smash Balloon’s suite of social media plugins.

We include as part of our development & maintenance services access to our premium plugin licenses if you become a Web321 Maintenance Plan subscriber (see below). The hosting would be included with your Web321 subscription. Should you choose to part ways with Web321 in the future, you will need to renew your hosting and plugin licenses at your own cost going forward.

We would follow up the design with maintenance.

Maintenance Option

When your site is complete and launched, you have the option to enter an ongoing maintenance contract. For your level of service needs, we recommend our Web321 Maintenance Plan at a cost of $321/month or $2999/year.

The Web321 maintenance plan includes the following services:

  • daily site backups, stored for 90 days
  • uptime monitoring & emergency site recovery
  • weekly core, theme & plugin updates
  • daily security scans & malware cleanup service
  • powerful firewall protection
  • access to our library of premium plugins, themes & stock assets
  • Google Analytics, Search Console and Page Speed setup & reporting
  • ongoing SEO & site speed optimization as needed
  • email tech support help desk
  • unlimited small (30-minute) tasks (e.g. content updates, add new posts, quicklink and dashboard updates, document uploads, image optimization, plugin installation, etc.)
  • discounted future development rate of $150/hr (from $200/hr)
  • weekly website status reports

If you’d like to see everything that’s included in this plan you can view it here:

You can choose to terminate the maintenance contract and either move maintenance in-house, to a provider of your choice, or we could continue to provide a la carte support at our rate.

We do strongly recommend some kind of ongoing site support, as neglected software updates can leave your site open to exploits, and a lack of proper backups & security checks can mean months of lost updates and work by your staff if there’s a problem.


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