Play Twenty Questions With Your Website Decisions

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These are unprecedented times, right? Unprecedented can be a good thing, though. Given industry make-overs across regions, fields and firms requiring re-evaluation of company structuring, financing, product placement and promotion, there is no better time than now to change how you use your web presence. Given the vast shifts to online research, merchandising, sales and delivery, crafting a site that maximizes search engine optimization, content delivery, user friendliness and e-commerce efficiency has never been more important. Whether potential clients are looking for new employment, expanding their network or just to make a purchase, your website could be the destination they rely upon to make an informed decision. If you’re a small business trying to gain your foundation or a mid-sized firm looking to expand, your site has to allow you to stand out from the competition instantly.

The big question you’re probably wondering is, what is it that sets one site from another? In short, brand optimization: knowing what you want to present to your potential client and how you’re going to present it. To get there, and create the online performance your brand deserves, you need to consider the following questions:

  1. How easily can customers access the information they need? An educated consumer is a reliable consumer and one who will likely generate many referrals.
  2. Does your site inform visitors what service or product your business provides? Purpose generates performance.
  3. Is your site compatible on mobile and desktop interfaces? In a changing and dynamic world, you need to be able to accommodate multiple user platforms.
  4. What attributes do you find effective about your competitor’s sites? Comparison and competition are what drive the innovation that will carry over into your site’s performance.
  5. How is your server speed? In fast-paced and changing world, top download speeds can separate the elites from the needy.
  6. How clearly is your brand conveyed to your potential consumers? You need to be able to convey your brand’s mission to clearly and effectively win customers and sales.
  7. How easily can visitors access your site’s features? The unknowns of online traffic make this exciting consideration a necessity to ensure site accessibility for anyone and everyone.
  8. What kind of search engine optimization are you willing to develop? Search engine optimization can be a deal-breaker in saturated markets.
  9. Who is your ideal client? You need to make your site as tailored to your clients as your brand is.
  10. What is your desired site traffic? Maximum traffic is critical to generating consistent sales.
  11. What content is generating the most traffic on your site? Another critical component in ensuring that your site is as tailored and accommodating to your user base.
  12. How well can you monitor traffic and capture data? A difference maker when it comes to providing real-time updates relating to consumer support, client feedback or brand development.
  13. What are your long-term goals for your site? Given the variety of dynamic features and accessibility tools, this is the component that generates the long-term development strategies essential for sustained growth.
  14. What development plans have you considered relative to your long-term site management? As consumer tastes and preferences change, your site needs to be able to change with them.
  15. How well are you generating repeat traffic? Not everyone shops the same and many patronize as much for the entertainment value as for the retail value.
  16. How well do you encourage users to share your content? A crucial factor in a world driven by social networking and 24/7 digital presence.
  17. How well does your site interface with social media? Again, necessary for compatibility, particularly in targeting younger and middle-aged demographics to keep them informed and engaged with your developments.
  18. What ways can users interact with your site? As with making your site user friendly, consumers often gravitate towards sites that provide maximum sensory stimulation relative to the online format, allowing them to conveniently engage with your product and spend at the same time.
  19. How well doe your site suggest that sales are the main priority? Because, as we all know, sales are success for brand and client.
  20. How well does your site help you reach your performance objectives? Site traffic is product placement, more traffic equals higher sales, and higher sales leads to higher sales objectives that lead to sustained success!

If attracting traffic and keeping visitors engaged is the main priority in website design and management, you may be feeling your eyeballs spinning inside your head after all these considerations. The priority, however, is your vision from a web management company so that they can craft and maintain the site that will generate YOU the revenue YOU deserve. Here are some considerations when choosing a web management service for your site:

  1. Provides domain name acquisition, expediting and easing the searching and branding process to allow your business to stand out and stay that way.
  2. Obtains an SSL (secure sockets layer), certificate which allows your site to conduct transactions involving sensitive data, crucial to conducting online sales, password storing and other sensitive information logging sought by online consumers. Some providers charge extra for services such as customer support and enhanced encryption rates. The truth: there’s good SSL and there’s overkill. We know the difference.
  3. Facilitates website hosting, an essential service that allows your website to be connected to other servers, essential for users to access and engage with your site in any capacity, whether it is browsing, connecting to provide feedback or procuring product that drives your sales. Website hosting range in value but there is a Goldilocks zone of how much hosting should cost. We have hosting that suits our clients well.
  4. Provides website updates to keep your site looking sleek, savvy and user friendly. Sought after features include webpages, content, media, navigation, forms and background images. These features allow your site to generate the brand image that helps to drive reliable consumer traffic, sales and trust. The more updates you need, the higher the fee can. But what if that’s a blank cheque you don’t want to write? Our maintenance plan includes unlimited updates.
  5. Monitors CMS, or content management system, updates that allows you to manage your marketing through uploading, publishing and managing your site’s content.
  6. Provides technical support, including server errors, broken links, encryption holes and any other possible hindrance to successful site operation. Turnaround times regarding fixing errors after they’ve been reported are a critical component to fluid site operation; the faster, the more expensive.
  7. Generates website analytics support that, while not always a necessary service, provides clients with such information as site usage time, traffic volume and individual user frequency, allowing clients to tailor their site design to their targeted market
  8. Enables e-commerce system support, streamlining online payment to allow secure, timely and reliable transactions and payment confirmation.

All of this sounds great, but the problem is, if you don’t know who you’re dealing with, what essential services you require and don’t research carefully, you can get stuck paying for services you don’t need or that don’t maximize your online commercial activity. If you don’t like that, there is good news: we carry out our management and updates as part of one done-for-you fee. If you’re a mid-sized enterprise trying to run a stream-lined, online enterprise and take it to the next level, or you’re a small business looking to break through into your respective industry, creating a well-managed and affordable online presence is key. That’s where Web321 comes in. Web321 offers industry-tested, constantly-updated, consumer-driven and economical web design and web management services to meet your business’s needs. With a price of $321 per month, Web 321 is offering a bargain compared to the fees charges by other providers, you get the following:

  1. 24/7 managed web presence, including website design and maintenance, search engine optimization, social media networking and online advertising, with unlimited support requests to handle the dynamic nature of your enterprise
  2. Daily site backup with malware and virus protection and real time site monitoring to address whatever problems you may encounter
  3. Design and development standards such as domain name registration, SSL, CDN and hosting to ensure that you have a solid foundation in the online marketplace to maximize and maintain your desired traffic
  4. Per request, website design refresh every 2-3 years to ensure that your product remains attractive to Google and its avid users, another traffic maximizing feature
  5. Streamlined, three-step account set up that speedily and securely allows you to share your passion and allow Web321 to provide a quote, get to work, and continuously provide feedback and reports to get your brand to the next level,
  6. Custom booster packs for additional web management that includes brand awareness, online sales, impactful images, Google adwords and the latest techniques to generate maximum site traffic

Just because these are unprecedented times does not mean these are impossible times. Whether you are entrenched in your industry or taking advantage of market opportunity, Web321 can help you accelerate your goals and dominate your online presence. Now is the time to take advantage of what the web has to offer; Web321 can make these unprecedented times exceptional times. Go to to begin your journey to making your business future better than ever.

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