Efficient WordPress Website Migration with Duplicator Pro: Best Practices

by | Oct 9, 2023 | Business

Migrating WordPress websites can be a complex task, but with the right tools and strategies, it becomes a breeze. At our company, we use Duplicator Pro for WordPress migrations, and with 10 to 20 migrations per week, we’ve honed our approach to perfection. Let’s walk you through our proven steps for a smooth WordPress website migration using Duplicator Pro.

  1. Pre-Migration Cleanup: Before initiating the migration process, it’s essential to clean up your website to ensure a hassle-free transfer. Here’s what we recommend:
    • Utilize a plugin like WP Optimize to eliminate transients and unnecessary data.
    • Delete trashed posts and user profiles to declutter your database.
    • Remove undesired images that are no longer needed.
    • Deactivate and delete inactive plugins and themes that won’t be used in the new environment.
  2. Ensure Similar Environments: To avoid compatibility issues during migration, it’s crucial to align the source and destination environments. Here’s what you should do:
    • Make PHP versions compatible, even if it means temporarily downgrading for the migration.
    • Ensure that the destination server has the necessary extensions activated, including ZipArchive and MBString, which are required by Duplicator Pro.
    • Adjust PHP.ini settings to allocate sufficient memory (512K or higher) and set high execution maximums to prevent timeouts during extraction.
    • After the migration, remember to restore any PHP settings you may have changed.
  3. Handling Large Websites (Part 1): If your website is exceptionally large, consider the following steps:
    • Compress the wp-contents directory separately and store it offline.
    • Exclude the wp-contents directory from the export profile to reduce the migration size.
  4. Handling Large Websites (Part 2): For extremely large websites, switch to the alternative format, .DAF, and attempt the migration again.
  5. Installation with Security:Protect your website during installation to thwart potential threats:
    • Add an installation password and use it to complete the installation securely.
    • Alternatively, rename the installer.php file to something unique to prevent automated attacks on new sites.
  6. Exclude Your License: If you don’t intend to share your Duplicator Pro license, take care to exclude it from the migration or delete it after installation. This prevents unintended transfers of sensitive files.
  7. Correct URL Configuration: Ensure that your website’s URL is set correctly during the Duplicator Pro installation. Mistakes here can lead to time-consuming cleanup tasks later. Double-check the installer.php file’s URL, as it becomes the domain and schema for the new installation.

By following these steps and best practices, you can efficiently migrate WordPress websites using Duplicator Pro. Our experience has shown that meticulous planning and attention to detail can save you time and ensure a seamless transition to your new hosting environment.

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